CÔNG TY CỔ PHẦN BEE1 tiền thân là Công ty CP Sách và Thiết bị giáo dục 1 được thành lập theo Quyết định số 0103009809 do Sở Kế hoạch đầu tư thành phố Hà Nội cấp ngày 10/11/2005 là doanh nghiệp hoạt động trong lĩnh vực thiết bị, nội thất các loại phục vụ cho ngành giáo dục và đào tạo.
Sau hơn 10 năm hoạt động, BEE1 đã có một lượng lớn khách hàng thân thiết và ổn định. Điều này không chỉ khẳng định với sự phát triển thêm các chi nhánh, đại lý mà còn ở sự hiện diện các chương trình văn hóa cộng đồng chúng tôi tham gia, các chương trình chúng tôi đầu tư dài hạn sản xuất nước sạch theo các chương trình MTQG mang lại lợi ích sức khỏe cho học sinh.
Công ty hiện nay đạt tăng trưởng ổn định, nguồn tài chính vững vàng, đảm bảo cho đầu tư và phát triển.

BEE1 cung cấp các sản phẩm, dịch vụ sau:
– Thiết bị giáo dục các cấp, nội thất trường học và dịch vụ đào tạo.
– Thiết bị ngành nước và hệ thống lọc công nghiệp cho học đường.
( Chuyển giao công nghệ hoặc cho thuê thiết bị )
– Máy móc, thiết bị, linh kiện công nghiệp cho đào tạo nghề.


Trụ sở: Tầng 4 – Tòa 101 Mai Hắc Đế – Q. Hai Bà Trưng – Hà Nội
VPGD: Tầng 5 – Tòa văn phòng MECO – 102 Trường Chinh, Q. Đống Đa – Hà Nội
Điện thoại: 04. 3 8683 607 – Fax: 04. 3624 7560
Email: / Website:

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PESCA: Fitzgerald’s excellent peripheral vision, pattern recognition and quick processing allow him to visualize his next move, because he actually takes his eye off the ball. Sorry, peewee football coaches everywhere, but it’s true. It’s one of his many assets, but a vital one, according to Shannon Sharpe, who retired as the greatest pass catching tight end the game has ever known. In Sharpe’s eyes, Fitzgerald is the best pass catcher in the NFL today.Randy also played football at Marshall during his sophomore year. This was the first year for the University as a Division I A school. During the two seasons that Randy played at Marshall, he broke many NCAA records. Overall at Marshall, he scored at least one touchdown in all 28 games that he played. He won the Fred Biletnikoff Award as the nation’s leading wide receiver, and was a finalist for the 1997 Heisman. He finished 4th in the balloting for that year, behind Ryan Leaf, Peyton Manning, and Charles Woodson. Not Knockoff Oakleys bad considering Randy was only a sophomore. Charles Woodson, the University of Michigan star, who won the Heisman that year, stated that “Randy had superior talent, and he was surprised that Randy did not get the Heisman”.As you know, in April we amended our search alliance with Microsoft, which provided us with significant additional flexibility. Our relationship with Microsoft remains strong and vibrant, and the teams have been working through the changes in our relationship and marketplace very Oakleys Sunglasses Outlet effectively. I’d like to thank Satya [Nadella] and his team for their terrific efforts and partnership.Ginkgo’s role in regulating circulatory disorders can also help improve impotence.Research in Sweden has shown the complex chemicals in the leaves, known as flavonoids, relax blood vessels while simultaneously improving sluggish circulation caused by paralysed or flaccid blood vessels. Another study showed that Ginkgo helped sexual function in three quarters of men tested.A clinical trial two years ago found Ginkgo biloba to be 84 per cent effective in treating impotence caused by depression, raising desire, excitement and orgasm results.The chief organs in the body responsible for dealing with stress are the adrenal glands, which secrete a variety of hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol, which have important roles to play in the body’s response to stress. To identify predetermined microstructural defects before surgery, SD OCT raster scans within 2 weeks before surgery were conducted. The maximal macular hole dimension (hole size) was defined as the longest distance between the tips of external limiting membrane (ELMs) on horizontal images (Figure 1). As an indicator for reflecting degree of foveal photoreceptor degeneration, inner nuclear layer (INL) cystic changes and outer segment (OS) shortening were graded into four classifications in Knockoff Oakleys Sale reference to standard images (Figure 1). Foveal morphology of fellow eye scans was also analyzed as a reference for prehole foveal morphology. Among the scans, the largest measured foveolar floor size (length between the boundaries free of ganglion cell layer (GCL) and INL) was chosen for reference. (a) Determination of hole diameter and grading of preoperative microstructural damages. Hole dimension was defined as the greatest distance between the tips of the ELM. Factors reflecting degree of retinal degeneration, INL cystic changes, and OS shortenings of the marginal retinal tissue were graded in reference to standard images. (b) Because of structural variability of the fovea among individuals, the size of the foveolar floor of the fellow eye (FE) was measured assuming morphologic correlations existed between both eyes. To determine the influences of anatomic variability of the fovea on hole parameters, a ratio between the hole diameter and foveolar floor size of the fellow eyes was calculated. (c) Microstructural recovery patterns were determined 6 months after surgery. Analysis of the integrity of IS and ELM were performed and the defect size was measured. Recovery patterns were graded in reference to standard images.
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Another benefit of peer interviews is that the peers will help them get connected quicker and have a better chance of making it. Next, Recruiting Ads! Make sure you recruiting ads are not dry and boring and just describe the job and the business. Steve Spurrier rebelled against the NFL’s worry every minute, watch film all the time cult of coaching the moment he arrived in Washington. He liked to leave the office early, sneak in some golf on occasion and never learned that parity is a fact of life in the pros. It all came down to the Kansas City Chiefs, who were resting most of their starters, and the San Diego Chargers, who’d take away the 6 seed in the playoffs with a win. And wholesale jerseys clearly, just to up the drama, the Chargers vs. After six months the restaurant is struggling, the hours are longer than you thought and you have a lot of empty tables. You are at that point Baratas Replicas Ray Ban where you have tried it but the restaurant is just not going to make it. This article is about the top Nintendo video games ever. Super Mario Brothers, Zelda, Contra and Mike Tyson’s Punch Out NHL Jerseys Cheap are featured in this classic video game hub. He scored 130 touchdowns, 1,101 receptions and had 13,899 receiving yards during his stellar career. He went to the Pro Bowl eight times and he along side Randy Moss with the Minnesota Vikings. That pressure is perhaps as extreme as in sports.For parents like Nick Heras Sr. And his wife, supporting their child’s desire to become a sports phenom NFL Jerseys Cheap takes more than financial sacrifice. Yet, Piniella is not just some crazed lunatic. Sometimes, there is a method to his madness. I have learned that things happen for a reason and there are always blessings in adversity. But you have to take the first step and take control. Overall, the QB’s and TE’s are strong, but it’s hard to find a ton of value at the receiver and running back positions. Gurley should be great, but Frank Gore cheap jordans was a huge reach in the 5th round. PESCA: Goodell added that independent neurologists would be on the sidelines of NFL games next season. He was also pressed on his adjudication of the so called New Orleans Saints bounty scandal, where the league sanctioned several Saints players and coaches for doling out cash rewards for on field hits. When the name feels that right, it’s probably the best name to use. Listen to top audio podcasts from football analysts online , at Fantasy Football News. This device still isn’t perfect and may not be a perfect replacement for the Fitbit One. That being said what really turns me on to it is just how small it is.
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chris singleton opens up about losing mother in charleston mass shootingNot all of that money is going into EA’s pocket, though. Big money will be heading to Disney for royalty payments, enough to halve the year’s targeted gross margin improvement to 50 basis points, as the company conceded in its 4Q 2015 earnings release conference call. Another thing is think about water. Where is the water flow for the area? If you are pitching your tent in a low area, and you like water beds that is great. Now, hundreds of schools around the country are using the A 11 as well. The coaches have a Web site, cheap jerseys sell playbooks and DVDs online, and even run special clinics.. Cornerback Janoris Jenkins remains a dangerous playmaker, and safety Landon Collins had two interceptions against the Los Angeles Rams in London.Here are four discount football jerseys other matchups that will define Week 9 in the NFL:Derek Carr vs. Broncos’ pass rushSolving Denver’s defense remains the towering hurdle for Carr and Oakland in the hunt for AFC West supremacy. But, Cheap Oakleys Sunglasses you know, I’m going to say that from a fan point of view, I think there’s a difference between a lifetime ban for using substances cheap Air Jordans versus a lifetime ban for the cover up and trying to buy out the wholesale jerseys china documents and trying to derail an investigation. And I think that derailing an investigation does put A Rod more into that sort of bad for the game beyond just what’s happening on the field kind of circumstance.. Yeah, things have not gone well for the Eagles since they lost to the Giants 28 23 in Week 9. The only thing that’s gone wrong for the Giants is that they got caught using walkie talkies on the sideline last week and got a big fine and their 4th round draft pick will be moved to the end of that round. This year, instead of chastising the player who inadvertently scores a goal for the opposing team, recognized her hilarious achievement with a Biggest Oops award. Ask a trophy shop to create a plaque in honor of the event, with the player name, the date the incident occurred, the opposing team name and any other details that are particular to the event. St. Louis first baseman Matt Adams cut off the throw from the outfield and swiveled toward the plate. The popcorn prepared fresh from your own popcorn machine is all you need to complete your setup. Is it just another gimmick by those fat cat theatre owners to pinch another penny out of the movie viewers pocket? Certainly not. The root of all concussion problems is the vibration that stems from the shock of the accident. This vibration gets loaded, stored in the brain cells and later become the source of all the symptoms associated with the accident: pains, dizziness, memory cognition problems This is the undetected problem.
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